November 28th is Giving Tuesday!

Noverber 28th is Giving Tuesday!

Your Hingham Community Center is a 501(c)3 organization and is funded through your generosity. Through your contributions, we are expanding our programming for 2018 to upgrade our facilities and maintain the integrity of the building. We will be creating new programs to keep up with the needs of the community. This encompasses; fitness,clean foods, education and cooking skills for all ages. We would also like to include tapping into young artists visions and imaginations in our quest to create new and exciting programming.

An example of reprogramming is the HUB. This is a teen based program for 7th through 10th grade students. "The HUB" on Fridays nights, allows teens a safe place to be while they dance, listen to music, play games or just "chill" with freinds.

Please help the Hingham Community Center realize the vision.

A tax deductable donation of $50 or more, entiltles you to attend a free class in one of our new 2018 programs of your choosing!