D. Morgan Russell -I Play Nature-A Celebration of New Work- Sunday, January 27th 2019

Please Join Us for 
The D. Morgan Russell

I Play Nature
A Celebration of New Work

On Sunday, January 27th

Wine and refreshments will be served

How do I get from "here" to there? Movement through the picture plane is my initial concern, but the real content of my work is what happens on the way. As detours become discoveries, denials are followed by delineations. The painting begins to suggest itself to itself, and outdoor places become interior spaces for revelations.
By pushing paint around, I play nature.

About Morgan:
My love of exploring drives my desire to paint. From an early morning walk in the woods to an early renaissance landscape, I relish finding passageways, things in the margins, insistent peculiarities. Eleven years ago my work, although similar in subject matter to what I'm doing now, was thinly painted. Since then I've become more interested in the physicality of oil paint, more involved in a thicker application of it. As more of it gets on the working surface new and different pathways reveal themselves. I play nature by pushing paint around.
Whether I play within the context of nature, or play a game called Nature, my thoughts focus on traveling through the picture plane "how do I get from here to there?". But the real content of my work is what happens on the way from here to there, the residue of an exploration: a discovery.

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