Bare Cove Arts is Here!

Introducing our newest program!


Hugely popular kids art class, this summer!
There is still time to register for August and Fall Classes!
Fall Registration open for Toddler & Caregiver, Preschool classes, Early release workshops and Saturday workshops!

Whether it be painting, sculpting, ceramics or printmaking, HCC has it all! Join us for classes for all ages and abilities! Come on over and see the extraordinary work and take a class!

About the teacher; Britt Drews
Britt Drews is the creator/teacher behind Bare Cove Arts at the Hingham Community Center. She lives in Hingham with her husband, three young children, and a little flock of backyard chickens. Britt is enthusiastically creating and teaching process based arts classes at the Community Center.


Britt graduated from Indiana University with a degree in Elementary Education and an area of concentration in Studio Art. Prior to having children Britt was a public elementary school teacher and also worked at Northwestern University's School of Education and Social Policy teaching and mentoring new teachers in underserved areas of Chicago. She has been involved in teaching or directing arts programs through community centers and park districts near Chicago for many years. Currently Britt is also a pottery wheel throwing instructor at the Fuller Craft Museum in Brockton, MA. In her spare time Britt can be found making pottery on her wheel in her home studio.