2019 Karate Tourney

Hingham Karate, now in its eighteenth year of teaching karate at the Hingham Community Center, held a recent tournament on Sunday March 3rd. This annual tournament has been held since 2005. The programs students come from not only Hingham but many surrounding areas such as Hull, Hanover, Rockland, Weymouth, and Braintree. The ages of the competitors ranged from five to fifteen and from beginner to black belt ranks.

Officiating was overseen by the programs director sixth degree black belt Fred Channell who began his training in 1977 and competed from 1978 through 2003. Other officials included fourth degree black belts Bill Mazzeo, Peter McCullough, and David Wilfert. Assisting them and also competing was first degree black belt Veronica Blake a 2018 graduate of Hingham High school currently studying education at Bridgewater State University.

The karate kids competed in forms and in sparring at the annual event and medals were earned for 1st through 4th place. The children walked out into the center of the ring alone and after announcing their name and form to the judges began their routine consisting of blocks and punches and kicks. Sanchin, one of the most famous forms in karate that the students performed, is believed to be over six hundred years old!

After the forms the karate kids donned their fighting gear and entered the ring. Five judges watched and scored points as they blocked, kicked, and punched their way to victory or defeat. No tears were shed as all the students are told by their sensei that no one with the courage to compete is ever a loser.

Karate classes are held at the Hingham community center three days a week year round with camps held in February, April and August.